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How To Make Sure You Hire The Right Candidate This Week... 

 A Powerful Online Tool 
which creates behavioral Interview Guides in Minutes.



The secret?

Ask your mother!

Or  70% of Fortune's  500 companies.

What is it that your Mother always said: 

''When you choose your husband/ BETTER love 
him/her as s/he is now......... 
Because he or she isn't  
going to change, and neither are you.' 

And it is true!

For the most part, people don't change their behavior from year 
to year. 

For example, if a person is meticulous about keeping their desk 
tidy and all their correspondence up-to-date, it's almost certain that 
person will display that very same trait this time next year.

And if a person is notorious for always showing up 
is shocked if the same person is always late in his new job also.

And that's the key behind  Behavioral interviewing


The Secret of  Behavioral interviewing

Behavior-based interviewing is a standard interviewing approach
that looks at PAST behavior as the best predictor of FUTURE 

It is now used by over 70% of  Fortune 500 companies.

Behavioral-Based Interviewing CAN increase by 
nearly 70% your chances of hiring the right 
- this week.
Research** has shown that Behavioral-based Interviewing is
more than  70% as effective as traditional old style Questioning
at predicting how  candidates are likely to perform in the future

Put it this way: 

Ask your candidate 10 traditional, old style questions - and you'll 
get a decent understanding of your candidate. 


Ask her 10 professionally-created Behavioral-based 
- and you'll get a completely different INSIGHT 
and  VIEW of this candidate. 

The view you'll get when you've worked with her for at 
least 6 months. 

When........ all  real behavioral patterns are revealed.

Warts and all.

Interview Creator allows you to create powerful insightful
interviews that take the best from both 
Traditional Questions and Behavioral-based Questions.

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Proof of the Effectiveness of Behavior-Based Interviews mixed with traditional questions.

 **Salgado, J. F. (1997) Personnel Selection Methods' in C. L. Cooper and I. T. Robinson, International Review of Industrial and Organizational Psychology. New York: Wiley.

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Our product is used by hundreds of companies worldwide. 

Including companies like: 


Boeing Airlines. 

Federal Express.  

Black & Decker,  Randon House Publishing, Kent Police Force ,over 350 recruitment companies and  23 Universities worldwide,.......... 

So you know with Interview Creator, you can competently do 
all the following......

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Get a Reputation in your Organization as a Great interviewer!

Interview Creator has  over

  • 60 competencies  
  • 3,000 Behavioral Questions/Answers.
  • Competencies list for over 200 jobs.

It also  contains over  500 Traditional Type  Questions, all with their own Answer response guidelines, making it the  Complete Interviewers' database.  It is updated weekly.

You can  add your own Questions and easily edit existing Questions.










Create Professional Looking Documentation for  your Interviewing Needs  in minutes. 

Uniquely our system  also allows you to output each Interview as your own

You can also  Brand each Interview Guide with your OWN details.

Avoid potentially disastrous 
     hiring decisions with our......... 

Red flags Alerts! 
If a candidate responds negatively to a series of Questions - our Red flag Alert system will alert you to pay particular attention  to this candidate. There are serious potential problems here.

Essential if you want to avoid a potential disastrous hiring decision.

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Never risk legal action or accusations of unfairness:

Create Interviews Guides that adhere to legal guidelines for fair recruitment practices .It also creates  professional documentation for each interviewee for record keeping purposes.


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And these are the  reasons why hundreds of companies and 
organizations, small and large,  use our Interview Creator 

Interview Creator is  used by: ( As of Dec '07)


Boeing Airlines

Federal Express

Citigroup Inc 

Randon House Publishing Co.


University of Michigan

University of Pittsburgh 

University of Buffalo 


Twin Cities Public Television

Over 350  Recruiters Worldwide

Over 200 Health Care Organizations

Over 432 Business Consultants 

Over 1,400 Small Businesses in the US.

4 Police Authorities worldwide including the Kent Police authority

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